Admission Open (2024-2025)


Sport is an integral part of School life at PCS. We at PCS are passionate about building a strong sense of character and our sporting activities enable all children to develop the skills of risk-taking, decision making under pressure, resilience, communicating with others and team-working. Playground is a place of transformation and the nerve centre of all activities. In addition to general physical development, it is here that they learn to become performers, achievers, decision makers and leaders. They are role models for other children as they are admired, applauded and followed. The vast play-scape, the pride of the campus, supports these objectives.

Sports such as Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton ,Throw ball, Pin Ball , Archery, Martial Art, Athletics, Lawn Tennis, Skating, Cricket and Boxing are all the options offered to the students. In our endeavour to polish students in their choice of sport, we offer expert trainers to help children master key skills. As a latest development, infrastructural additions have been done for students interested in combat games.

  • Basketball Being one amongst the most popular sport on campus, basketball is played by many students of the school, both boys and girls. To cater to the needs of the basketball lovers, PCS has a standard sized Basketball court with soft flooring. The basketball coach not only trains the senior students, but also the junior enthusiasts using movable basketball posts.

  • Badminton Two dedicated indoor and one outdoor courts are extensively used for the practice and tournaments of this game. For professional guidance and polishing, special trainers have been appointed .

  • Lawn Tennis A national level standard cemented lawn tennis court with a high fence provides the right setting for the students who have opted for this game. Students enjoy learning this game and its finer technicalities.

  • Volleyball Volleyball and Throw ball courts are demarcated for full-fledged practice of the volleyball buffs. Students are taught the technicalities of the game by a professional coach. Students enjoy the volleyball inter-house matches as a part of their activity calendar.

  • Throwball Volleyball and Throw ball courts are demarcated for full-fledged practice of the Throwball buffs. Students are taught the technicalities of the game by a professional coach. Students enjoy the throwball inter-house matches as a part of their activity calendar

  • Boxing A game that improves cardiovascular fitness of players also reduces risks for cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic conditions is one of the popular game at school level. PCS has an international sized Boxing ring for game lovers.

  • Skating Skating is amongst the most popular outdoor activity that most students opt for, specially the juniors. Skating is encouraged as it works on almost every major muscle group in the body. Not only that, children today need all the help they can get to stay in shape and live a healthy lifestyle. The skating rink is vast and spacious catering to big groups of students learning the finer nuances of this sport. Skating lessons are delivered by a well-experienced coach. Our students have always brought laurels to the school at the State level Games. Special training session in the evening is run in school campus under the banner of “Wheels on Fire Club”

  • Kabaddi Basically a game played in rural areas of Punjab and Haryana is emerging rapidly as a popular game in other sectors of society is chosen by a number of students. PCS has provided special trainer for the game.

  • Athletics Students at PCS have the best of the training when it comes to Athletics. A 200 mtr track is demarcated for running. Promising students receive a focused training in discus throw, shot put and jumps too.

  • Cricket Cricket is undeniably the supreme sport in the eyes of Indians and understandably, the cricket lovers of PCS are passionate about the sport. A well-developed pitch is available for the net practice.

  • Martial Art A sizable number of students, most of them juniors, are given training in martial art. The expert martial art instructor helps the students. Martial arts are not only meant to develop students’ physical strength, endurance, but also develop their self-defence capabilities.

  • Yoga and Aerobics Yoga is an integral part of our school curriculum. The school offers a magnificent, spacious activity room for practicing the “asanas” learnt, although the play-scape of the school is lush and serene for outdoor sessions too. Aerobics sessions are also scheduled alternatively in the open Gym to bring about flexibility and agility amongst students. Special trainer is available for same .